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KurePay is a trifecta payment system solution that includes an E-wallet, payment gateway and Kure card that intends to use blockchain technology to provide solutions to e-commerce and payment solutions.

Our payment system with all this solutions embeded in one platform reduces exposing merchants to the risk of displaying their wallet adresses publicly and our merchants’ login features dashboard, invoicing, reporting, handling refunds of resources that will be accepted on this platform. While users’ login features includes transaction history and fund/transfer.

In addition to the payment gateway, an enterprise can integrate with our API. We provide you a wide range of execellent payment services that can be used anywhere in the world.

Meet the team

People interested in your success

Abikure Tega

CEO “KureCoin”

Ijomone M.K

Co-founder and Chief Strategist

Adegbite Matthew

Co-founder and C.T.O

Nnaji Kennedy

New Business Developer

Ifeanyi Osinakayah

Lead Developer

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KurePay wallet is a perfect solution for your cryptocurrency storage needs.