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Card Payments

Accept Debit/Credit payment from customers in over 150 countries. Major card types are supported.

Bank Payments

Receive direct payments in Nigeria from your clients using their local or foreign bank accounts.

Crypto Wallet Payments

Receive payment from your customers directly from their cryptocurrency wallets.

  • 1.5% + NGN 50
  • Local Transfer NGN 110
  • BTC 0.0004
  • ETH 0.002

Bitcoin differs from any currency you’ve used before, so it's important to understand some key points including the fact that this currency is not anonymous and can’t be regulated.

Bitcoin is based on a protocol known as the blockchain, which allows to create, transfer and verify ultra-secure financial data without interference of third parties.

Our mission as an official partner of Bitcoin Foundation is to help you enter and better understand the world of #1 cryptocurrency and avoid any issues you may encounter.

With Kure card you can access all our products and can be used anywhere in the world. We are partnering with a global card company to give users exclusivity wherever they go.

KurePay - A set of tools that empower businesses to accept and manage online payments.

Target Market – SMEs and Individuals

Benefit: Simple and streamlined payments even with crypto currency.

  1. Create an account as a merchant on KurePay

  2. Generate merchant wallet addresses for BTC, ETH & BCH

  3. Plug KurePay to merchant website as a payment option

  4. Sources are payment types (BTC, card, litecoin etc) when a merchant creates an account, he will choose what sources should be available/enabled in the account.
  5. Customer select pay with Kurepay on merchant site, e.g BTC value + transaction charges + shipping fee (if any) is displayed for customer.
  6. QR code (tied to the merchant’s wallet address) is displayed

  7. Merchant’s wallet address is displayed with a timer for transfer to be made

  8. Upon the transaction confirmation via our API, merchant prompts user of successful or failed transfer

  9. Merchant’s wallet address is automatically credited with the crypto value after confirmation

  10. Merchant can either:

  11. Be denied access to withdraw this crypto in his wallet address which displays only the Naira value of the crypto that was sent – here merchant can withdraw at any time.

  12. Be granted access to the crypto and can withdraw via crypto (to an external wallet address) or convert to cash and with naira.

Download Kure e-wallet application
Register as a merchant or Individual user
Follow the prompts and instruction therein to complete the registration process
Generate wallet addresses for your preferred sources (BTC, ETH, &BCH)

Merchant collects customers’ wallet address and funds the user through their KurePay account if the customer request for crypto as a refund option.